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VMA - Your specialist for optical and non-contact measuring techniques in the glass industry. At Visuelle Messtechnik und Automatisierung (VMA) based in Wümbach, Germany, we have more than 50 years of experience in the glass industry and develop innovative solutions and state-of-the-art technology.

Our highly qualified engineers develop optoelectronic measuring and test systems used in the production of container glass and flat glass all over the world. We also offer special customised solutions for all your glass requirements e.g the production of tube glass.
Our systems incorporate optical, non-contact measuring technology that reliably detects thin areas in the glass without leaving any traces. VMA products also reduce your workload because our systems do not require time-consuming recalibration, even after continuous use.

We adapt our systems to your plant equipment according to your wishes and can even train your personnel. Unique remote diagnostic technology and a remote maintenance service are available for larger systems used in flat glass production, for example.

Products and services

This system has made precision on-line measurements easier and more accurate than ever. Our customers are extremely impressed with this laser thickness measuring system, which operates at a maximum measuring accuracy of 0.001 mm.

Our TMF system maintains a high level of accuracy. The efficient use of a glass break monitor also provides additional security against potential collisions. Accuracy and speed combined: the TMF system produces 2000 individual measured values per second. You must be asking yourself how that is possible.

The principle is extremely simple: 2 measuring systems integrated in the patented laser sensor head make contact with the glass surfaces from both directions, virtually excluding measuring errors.

Outstanding feature: this system measures accurately at both the cold and hot end, even when the measuring distance and inclination of the float band change. An automatic ranging feature guarantees the perfect measuring distance for precision measurement.

TMF hot

TMF hot

The TMF system allows exact, pinpoint on-line checking of the thickness of float glass immediately after it has been shaped (in the hot phase), making it easier to change product lines.

TMF  thickness measurement at the cold end

TMF thickness measurement at the cold end

The TMF system allows exact, pinpoint on-line checking of the thickness of float glass. TMF is designed and manufactured in line with special customer requirements and is delivered as a complete, ready-to-use system. Installation, commissioning and training are performed exclusively by our experienced engineers.


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