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About us

Corning Laser Technologies (CLT) is at the forefront of laser innovation, offering laser processing systems that have a distinct advantage over conventional glass cutting processes. CLT offers laser glass processing systems with the ability to cut Corning Gorilla glass, chemically strengthened glass as well as un-strengthened glass and other brittle materials.

The flexible machine platforms are serving a wide range of emerging applications, which require precise and flexible glass processing technologies. Freedom to work substrate sizes up to an edge length of 2.5m, combined with the best available technology for beam delivery from fix optics via scanner systems to flying optics, enabling a flexible adaption to individual customer requirements.

In-house process development and tailored solutions for full automation, perfectly round off the product portfolio, providing a one-stop-shopping at Corning.

Corning’s laser processing systems are designed for a 24/7 operation and combine +20 years of experience in laser precision machining with Corning’s unique material science knowledge.

Products and services

A multipurpose high-precision laser processing tool
Key Benefits:

  • Cuts holes, radius form factors, complex geometries,
    vias, blind holes, slots and more
  • Cuts functional multi-layer stacks
  • Cuts glass from <50μm up to 3.5mm thickness
  • Eliminates fluids and tooling required in traditional
    processing methods

The CLT 45G NX offers not only distinct advantages over
conventional cutting processes, but also over other laser
cutting systems.



Using ultra-short laser pulses, the material is cut by material disassociation rather than ablation. The result is a very low surface roughness, increased as-cut bend strength and faster throughput. The Corning laser process enables cutting fully strengthened glass and crystalline materials other transparent glass and crystalline materials.


Corning Laser Technologies GmbH
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