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The German company futronic GmbH, which is a subsidiary of the German Jetter AG, attained an exceptionally well reputation as a high-tech electronics engineering company world-wide. futronic holds the experience of 40 years developing, manufacturing and
commissioning electronic controls for the hollow glass and tableware glass manufacturing industry, i.e. 

  • Electronic Timing Systems for various range of needs
  • Synchronous Drive Systems
  • hot end reject systems for stuck and down ware
  • a light barrier that handles flint glass
  • gateways to integrate components from
    other suppliers

Customer satisfaction and constantly improved quality are the focus of futronic´s activities.



FBC, futronic control system for blow machines

FBC, futronic control system for blow machines

The FBC is designed as an „all-in-one system“ for use on rotating blow machines with up to 32 sections. It unites the machine controller and the synchronous drive on a common hardware platform. This novel automation concept covers the complete requirements profile from the feeder through the glass molding equipment to the conveyor for the finished product. The controller is suited not only for machines based on
the very latest technology but also for retrofitting or modernizing older lines.



The distributed FMT24S (Flexible Modular Timing System) is at the heart of our Solutions for container glass production. An FMT24S is capable of controlling all sequences and processes on an IS machine with
anything up to 24 sections. It makes no difference who originally manufactured the IS machine. Our control solutions are fully compatible with almost any type. They are often the only way to breathe new life into an older line and fit it for the challenges of the 21st century.

FLC Lehr control

FLC Lehr control

futronic has come up with an electronic control system that enables the complex, quality sensitive processes in the annealing lehr to be extensively automated for any type of glass container. Optimal operating
conditions thus prevail in the heating and cooling zones regardless of the temperature profile. Energy consumption is down – and with it your costs.


futronic GmbH
Tolnauer Str. 3–4
88069 Tettnang

电话: +49 7542 53070
传真: +49 7542 530770

Michael Preuss
Managing Director
电话: +49 7542 53070

Libbey Industrial Company Ltd.
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114 Taipei
P.R. China

电话: +886 2 26570708

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