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格林策巴赫凭借自动化技术而闻名 格林策巴赫在玻璃设备制造中已有40年经验

  • 为浮法
  • 镀膜
  • 夹胶玻璃
  • 压花或夹丝玻璃及特殊玻璃
  • 生产线提供测量
  • 分类
  • 优化
  • 切割
  • 掰断
  • 输送和堆
  • 垛设备


拥有40余载的玻璃生产和施工经验。 从玻璃板带到单片 堆垛,再到玻璃仓储,格林策巴赫制定了平板玻璃行业 的标准。

格林策巴赫生产线在全球范围内生产浮法玻璃 ,镀膜玻璃,夹层玻璃,建筑玻璃和夹丝玻璃以及其他 特种玻璃。 格林策巴赫在平板玻璃方面创新的机械工程 及工艺技术(真空及镀膜技术),使得镀膜工艺几近完 美。除此之外,格林策巴赫支持全新镀膜系统的发展,为LOW-E,太阳能控制技术开创了新的道路和解决方案。

显示 器玻璃在搬运、输送、切割和堆垛方面具有特殊要求。 格林策巴赫高科技解决方案,满足了无尘环境中LCD及 TFT显示器、OLEDs和触摸屏生产技术的高要求。

Grenzebach Cutting Technology – Open loop and closed loop force control

Grenzebach Cutting Technology – Open loop and closed loop force control

Field proven Grenzebach cutting head technology serves as a basis
- Solenoid actuator, strong and sensitive in motion
- Open loop cutting head without force feedback signal
- Closed loop cutting head with force feedback to CFC for precise force control
- Constant cutting quality by real force measurement and CFC interaction
- Precision strain gauge inside cutting head lever to feedback actual force value to Cutting Force Controller (CFC)

Stacking technology – the perfect device for each glass

Stacking technology – the perfect device for each glass

For feeding of glass into a production line and for precise stacking Grenzebach offers economical technology – from simple manual take-off up to fully automated stacking for small and middle sizes and for jumbo formats weighing more than 2500 kg. Our direct driven tin-side/air-side stackers offers the option to take off glass sheets alternatively from top or bottom side and in certain applications, robots create a useful alternative for take-off or feeding.

Grenzebach Coating Technology

Grenzebach Coating Technology

We are the sole supplier for complete in-house customized coating equipment solutions. Our fully automated coating equipment to produce sophisticated Solar Control and Low-E layer stacks for architectural glass applications and the related services includes:
- PVD coater
- Loading/unloading equipment
- Quality inspection equipment
- Production ramp up to full production scale
- Technology and process services


Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH
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